Care & Use

At Wilstone we have products that are made of a variety of materials at a variety of ages. We choose, design and make products that will last and can be enjoyed for many years to come. Even though all these factors are taken into account before you purchase a Wilstone product we want you to get as much life and love out of it as possible, whether it is a beautiful antique chest or new sustainable plant frame. Below is a general guide for how to care for some Wilstone products, plus some individual product Care & Use.


Most of our wooden products are antique pieces that are steeped in history and need to be looked after to continue their story. A high quality wax, beeswax preferable, brings out the colour and/or grain of the wood and provides protection. Put a small amount of polish on a soft cloth and rub into the wood until the wax on the cloth becomes shiny, then buff with a clean microfibre cloth. For the newly produced garden furniture it is a combination of keeping it under cover, cleaning it and conditioning it so that the wood stays healthy and retains its beautiful warmth. Routinely apply teak oil a few times a year. However, if your wooden furniture has been left under a tree or in damp conditions and green algae has appeared this can be removed with a solution of water, washing up liquid, some lemon juice or white vinegar.


We have a variety of metals at Wilstone both old and new. Metal items for your interior have a wax finish on them to keep their aged look, these should just be wiped with a dry microfibre cloth when they get dusty. However, for brass products clean with a metal polish to your liking. Our outdoor metal items are finished with a product that takes on a natural rust finish which is part of the character of the metal. To clean your garden pieces periodically use wire wool or an abrasive pad to remove any loose rust and coat them with a vegetable oil. Alternatively, for a longer lasting finish we recommend that after removing loose rust use a brush to sparingly apply Owatrol Oil to the product and evenly spread it out with a cotton cloth. If required you can apply further coats, this will give greater protection and add a lustre finish. 


Stone is the easiest of our materials to care for. If your stone piece is outside and you would like it to look fresh, then gently loosen moss or dirt with a scrubbing brush and wash off with a hose.

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